Month: May 2019

4 steps to take after a car accident

A majority of car accidents are fairly straightforward. One driver becomes distracted or loses control of the vehicle and runs into another car or obstacle. This occurred to one driver in New York after she saw a spider in her car, panicked and ran into an object in...

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Can a car crash paralyze you?

Should you become the victim of a New York motor vehicle accident, one of the worst injuries you face is one to your neck or back. If that injury partially or completely severs your spinal cord, you could become unable to walk and have to spend the remainder of your...

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What should you do after a car accident?

Should you become involved in a New York car accident, there are certain things you should – and should not – do immediately afterward. The decisions you make could impact you, either positively or negatively, for months if not years to come. FindLaw explains that...

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