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Pursuing Compensation After A Construction Accident

Most construction jobs require dozens of workers. United by a common goal, these employees from various backgrounds work together to build complex structures in the shortest possible time frame. Given the onsite hazards, dangerous working conditions and fast pace, on-the-job injuries are all too common in New York City.

For more than three decades, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Palillo Law have helped injured construction workers secure benefits after job-related accidents. If you suffered a serious injury while working on a construction site, we can help.

Helping You Quickly Obtain Maximum Benefits

In New York, most employers, including those in the construction industry, must carry workers’ compensation insurance, which provides coverage in case a worker suffers a job-related injury. Unlike personal injury claims that rely on the presence of fault, you can file a workers’ compensation claim and receive benefits no matter who was at fault.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim after a work site injury allows you to quickly access benefits without a lengthy legal battle. The benefits will cover your medical bills and a portion of your income if you are unable to return to work. Unfortunately, an employer or its insurance provider may attempt to deny a valid claim. To ensure that you obtain all the benefits available to you, it is best to work with a skilled attorney.

Do You Have A Third-Party Claim?

Many injured workers assume that a workers’ compensation claim is their only legal remedy after a construction site accident. But depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may be able to pursue a third-party claim against another responsible party in addition to a workers’ compensation claim through your employer.

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