Winter weather effects on safe driving

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Winter is in full swing in New York with storms blowing through on a regular cycle. With winter comes hazardous driving conditions that can cause an increase in the number of car accidents. Understanding the effect of the weather on the vehicle can help avoid accidents and the injuries that arise from them. explains the impact that winter weather conditions have on the vehicle. Cold temperatures affect fuel economy because the car needs more fuel to operate and stay on the roadways. Idling to warm up the vehicle prior to driving further decreases fuel economy. 

Colder weather can decrease the effectiveness of the battery and electronic components common in modern cars. Tire pressure lowers with the temperature using more gas to increased roadway resistance. Lower tire pressure also affects the vehicle’s ability to handle well. Parking in a garage can help decrease the effect of cold temperatures on the vehicle as a whole. offers some safe driving tips for the winter weather. Snow and ice are slick but using snow tires or chains can help provide additional traction on the roadways. Keep in mind ice on bridges can remain even when the roads are clear. 

Gently brake rather than slamming on them to avoid sliding. Keep the windshield clear for increased visibility and give the other cars plenty of room. The vehicle should be safe for driving and in top working order. Avoid speeding and even curtail the speed of the vehicle for extra caution in unsafe driving conditions. 

By giving other drivers more room and accounting for the weather while driving, motorists can drive safer. Reduced accidents help people get where they need to go and avoid life-altering accidents.