What is Operation Hardhat?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2019 | Personal injury

During warmer months in New York, road construction is a very common occurrence. During the winter, road crews cannot do the work they need to do. Also, winter is very hard on roadways, so they need repaired once the weather is warm. Construction crews on roads usually do their work alongside traffic because it is not possible to shut down a road completely during the work. This increases the danger for construction crews and leads to many accidents throughout the construction season. You may have heard news reports about such accidents, which usually result in serious injuries or loss of life.

To combat construction accidents like this, the Department of Transportation and New York State Police work together under Operation Hardhat, according to WHAM. This program increases the visibility and numbers of officers working in construction zones throughout the state. Officers target those breaking any laws within a construction zone, including speeding.

They patrol local work areas regularly to let drivers know they are watching. Besides catching those who are not adhering to the law and putting construction workers’ lives in danger, Operation Hardhat also helps deter such behavior. It encourages people to slow down, move over and drive more safely in construction zones.

If you are caught breaking laws in a work zone, you face serious penalties. For speeding in a construction zone, you may get double the normal fine. If you do it two times or more, you could lose your license. This information is for education and is not legal advice.