What do I do after an Uber accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Personal injury

Ridesharing services like Uber have grown in popularity throughout the country and particularly among New York riders. While rideshares come with a variety of benefits, accidents can still happen anywhere on the road. In your own vehicle, you may have questions after an accident. After an Uber accident, you may have more questions. According to Uber, there is a process to follow.

Your initial response to any accident should be to ensure your safety and the safety of the other passengers. If you are able to check on the other parties, you should do so. If there are any injuries or if the car sustained damage, you should call emergency services right away. While on the scene, handle the accident as you would with your own personal vehicle.

After everyone is safe, you can contact Uber. Uber has a form under Trip and Fare Review. This form is for those involved in an accident. You select your trip and share any relevant information. An Uber team member will contact all parties involved to confirm that the parties are safe. In addition, Uber will collect information about the accident.

The Uber driver will receive an Incident Report Form. This form is for Uber’s insurers. Uber’s insurance company investigates the accident and determines what coverage, if any, they will provide. After an Uber accident, you will typically deal with Uber’s insurer. If Uber’s insurance refuses to pay, however, you may have to rely on the driver’s personal insurance.

This information does not include any legal advice. This is simply to boost your knowledge on Uber accidents.