How can I prevent accidents in construction zones?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Personal injury

Every year, the news reports on multiple accidents involving road construction crews. These accidents often result from drivers who do not pay attention when driving through work zones. There is really no reason why so many construction workers should have to worry about injury or death just because they go to work on New York roadways. It is very easy to avoid such accidents.

According to the New York State website, construction zone safety starts with patience and awareness. The Thruway Authority informs the public daily of construction work to give you a chance to make travel adjustments or to just be more aware when driving in those areas. Every zone also has bright orange cones, barrels and signs to alert you.

When driving in a construction zone, make sure you pay attention to signs and follow what they say. Also, always obey the commands and directions of flaggers. If the speed limit lowers in the zone, make sure to lower your speed.

You should always slow down, even if there is not a speed limit change. Allow more distance between you and other vehicles as well. Never change lanes in a construction zone, and turn your headlights on for better visibility. If you notice someone not following the rules, stay away from them. You can report them once you are able to stop your vehicle.

Doing all of these things can help you to be safer in a work zone and allow you to avoid terrible accidents that put worker’s lives at risk. This information is for education. It is not legal advice.