5 steps to take after an accident in an Uber or Lyft

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Personal injury

Chances are good you will ride in an Uber or Lyft at some point. While these are typically safe options, there is always a chance for an accident on the roads of New York. Currently, some studies are looking at the accident rate per mile of both companies. Other studies are hoping to claim these types of services are less accident-prone than a taxi ride because the driver is using their own car.

No matter what these studies may eventually find, an accident in an Uber or Lyft can be very serious. Fortunately, both companies have policies in place to protect you, and the driver needs to have proper insurance to cover you as well.

If an accident occurs while you are on the go, follow these steps to ensure your rights are protected and you get adequate coverage for injuries or damages.

Make sure everyone is safe. Feel free to ask the driver and other parties involved in the crash if they are okay. However, do not admit fault, such as commenting that you were distracting the driver with plugging in music. This can harm your case and does not need to be revealed to the other party.

Call the police or ambulance. This will get the accident on record and get an ambulance to the scene quickly. If no ambulance is needed, it is still vital to get checked by a doctor that day or as soon as possible. Many serious spine or head injuries do not show signs until days or weeks later.

Gather crash information. It would help the case to have the names of your driver and the other driver involved in the crash. Take note of both license plates, insurance cards and where the accident took place. Photos and video can be helpful if the case goes to trial.

Save information from the app. After an accident, take notes or screenshots of the app information including the driver’s name, ride receipts, ride charges or notifications like a ride denial. Uber and Lyft have online portals where you must sign in and enter information about the accident or call their teams to report a crash.

Tell your attorney and insurance company. You should be covered under the driver’s liability insurance and your insurance should not be affected. However, this can get tricky depending on the situation. Your coverage under the Uber or Lyft driver’s plan can be affected by:

  • The app not updating to show you accepted the ride
  • The driver getting into an accident after you accept the trip but before you get into the car
  • The driver being offline or providing rides for cash only

Every situation is different, but the most crucial factor is ensuring you are compensated for any medical treatment or damages.